Luluco is a middle school student from Ogikubo who became a Space Patrol Officer.`

Personality Edit

She's wishful, nervous, and quite innocent. She's very friendly.

Backstory Edit

Luluco was born alone and raised on Angel Island as the last surviving member of the Luluco Clan, a long-lost race of echidnas devoted to protecting the Master Emerald from being abused. However, Luluco's own past was a mystery to her; she knew nothing how she came to be and believed herself to be the last of her kind entirely. The one thing she did know was that she had always been living on her island, protecting the Master Emerald. Luluco knew from innate knowledge that her duty was her fate, and she was content with that.

For much of her life, Luluco stayed close to the Master Emerald's shrine, steadfastly protecting it while having little to no contact with the outside world, becoming friends with all the animals and the nature itself on Angel Island.